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Industrial HVAC

Dilling Group can help ensure your chillers are in prime condition through our comprehensive chiller service. Our factory-trained technicians offer repair and maintenance for all types of chillers. With our expertise, issues can be predicted and resolved in timely ways that keep your operations running.

Our capabilities extend beyond maintenance, though. We specialize in complete chiller rebuilds, overhauls and conversions. This includes such upgrades Pub Casinoon centrifugal chillers as panel updates, purge retrofits and VFD installations. Dilling Group can also manage a project from the ground up with our HVAC design team of licensed professional engineers. Together, they have over 200 years of combined experience in process improvement design, pricing and justification.

Our technicians install, repair and maintain all types of HVAC equipment including boilers, chillers and cooling towers. We are leaders in large chiller and boiler maintenance repair. Equipment ranges from small window air conditioners to 1,500 ton chillers. We have on-staff professional engineers as well as emergency service you can access pub casino reviewsby calling the location nearest to you. See our Contact page for more information.

Some examples are:

  • Chiller Overhauls & Rebuilds
  • Refrigerant Calibration & Monitoring
  • Scheduled Inspections and Maintenance
  • Emergency Service for Industrial & Commercial
  • Control Upgrades & Conversions