Food & Beverage

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Everything, from breakfast drinks to salad dressing to sliced meats, is our cup of tea. The wide variety of food and beverage processing facilities in the country is staggering. We’re pleased to be engaged with several highly recognizable names in the production of these products that are used by humans as well as pets.

Case Study

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Following the announcement of the new Nestle Aseptic Beverage Facility coming to Indianapolis, Dilling Group was pleased to work pub casino reviewswith Stellar to install all of the utility and process piping systems for the initial plant, as well as the process piping sections for the expansion.  We continue to work with them on various projects and expansions.


WalMart Dairy Facility - Fort Wayne IN

Dilling Group Inc. was pleased to work with Ryan Companies providing mechanical and electrical services to the new Wal-Mart Dairy in Fort Wayne Indiana from 2016 to 2018. Our scopes included:

Electrical Utility telephone data, building main switchgear, distribution equipment and feeders; generator; medium voltage distribution; convenience power; mechanical power; building power; grounding system; lightning pub casino reviewsprotection; site lighting; interior lighting; low voltage empty raceway systems.  Mechanical  Air handling systems, steam and condensate systems, chilled water, glycol system , sanitary sewer system, process waste sewer system, storm sewer system, domestic hot and cold water systems, process water system, natural gas system, compressed air system.