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Updating a school is as easy as A-B-C. Updating and/or installing utility systems/Central Plants of large institutional buildings and their campuses requires some finesse especially if we’re dealing with historical buildings or a congested campus of buildings. We have worked on several hospitals, schools, and even insurance buildings providing best in class utility services.

Case Study

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Based on some previous work at Culver Academies, a college preparatory Pub Casino no deposit bonusboarding school, Dilling Group was hired to replace and install the underground steam and condensate infrastructure for all of the buildings on campus. The initial campus was established in 1894, so it was quite an extensive process that required attention to campus activities, as well as the age of the infrastructure. Once the underground work was completed, we upgraded the boiler house and some additional buildings.

Case Study

Central Mutual Insurance - Van Wert OH

During March 2005, Central Mutual Insurance launched a 50 million dollar expansion and remodeling project. Addition of physical space and facility resources to accommodate future growth over the next 25 years was the primary objective. Another goal pub casino reviewswas to retain the image and character of the original structure built in 1931. Approximately 150,000 square feet was added to
the home office when completed in September 2007.  Our Dilling scope of work included managing the mechanical and electrical construction of a major expansion and remodeling of this home office. A significant portion of the work included HVAC systems and controls.